The Jimi Vincent Band

Keepin' The Blues Alive

Jimi Vincent Guitar, Dobro, Harmonica, Lead Vocals

Jason Edwards Drums

Jason Edwards, President and founder of ProLogix® Percussion, is an active touring/recording drummer,
educator, columnist and innovator working throughout the United States.

Jason has performed nationally and recorded with Grammy nominated producer and songwriter David Mayfield of "The David Mayfield Parade" 2012-2014. In 2008 Jason toured with singer/songwriter Jessica Lea Mayfield on her Blasphemy so Heartfelt tour sharing the stage with Avett Brothers, Cake and Lucero. During the year 1999 Jason formed a band with Dan Auerbach of "The Black Keys" and Akron, OH bassist Kip Amore titled "The Barnburners" that played throughout North East Ohio as a three piece 
and ending as a two piece band in 2001. Jason then later recorded two unreleased sessions with Dan Auerbach in Dan's Akron, OH basement studio during the early years of "The Black Keys" evolvement.

Today, Jason is working with artists such as Jimi Vincent, Marc Lee Shannon, Jon Del Toro Richardson and Mo Mojo. 

Jason has published for Modern Drummer magazine with his first article titled, “Basic Brush Maps, Tools to Improve Your Brush Playingť which appeared in the February 2008 Jazz Drummers Workshop 

As an educator, Jason has taught throughout northeast Ohio for the past 30 years. He is an active member of Pervussive Arts Society Drum Set Committee Advisory Board, PAS Leadership Steering Committee and NAMM. 

Jason has studied with world educators Gary Chaffee, Ed Soph, Steve Houghton and the late Jim Chapin. During his developmental years Jason studied throughout North East Ohio with educators Scott Grewell, Johnny Fedevich, Bob McKee, Doug Turner and the late Bill Roth. 

Recording Credits:

Patrick Sweany: I Wanna Tell You 1999 
The Barnburners(Dan Auerbach , Kip Amore) Rawboogie EP 2000 
Mike Lenz Band: "Self Titled" 2005 
Brian Larney: "At The Starting Line" 2013
Sarah Clanton: “Chasin' a Feeling" 2013 
David Mayfield Parade: "Good Man Down" 2013 
Brian Larney: "Jupiter With You" 2014 
David Mayfield Parade: "Strangers" 2014
Jake James: Self Titledâ 2018

Jason resides in Ashland, OH while operating ProLogix® Percussion in Stow, OH. He continues to 
share his vision, passion and inspiration to drummers of all ages through performance, education and ProLogix® Percussion. 

Jason performs and teaches with Pearl® Drums, Zildjian cymbals, Remo® drumheads, Innovative Percussion Sticks and ProLogix® Percussion practice pads. 

“Great touch, great feel, without a doubt, some of the greatest hands in the world.” – Jim Chapin 2001 

Travis Ferell Bass guitar

Travis Ferell Bass

Mike Consentino Hammond B3

Mike Cosentino Hammond B3 Organ

   Mike started at age 4 playing the accordian, following in the footsteps of two Uncles before him. Playing many national IML competitions and popular TV shows in te early 60's. From there, Mike found the Hammond B3 Organ, and from there forming one of the first Rock n Roll bands of the 60's, "The NyteWatchmen". Since then Mike spent 18 years on the road with numerous acts playing clubs and casinos mastering his skills on the organ. Moving to Ohio, Mike then spent 14 years with the popular classic rock band "DeJavu" thru the 80's and 90's. Now with JVB, Mike says, "I have found the place where I want to be, playing my ass off with The Jimi Vincent Band".

Stage Plot

 Our Stage plot is very simple. Currently we are four piece. Bass, guitar, Hammond organ and drums.

Jimi - Vocal / Fender Blues Deville 2/12 / 2 monitors

Jason- 5 pc. Kit / 4 cymbals / 2 monitors

Travis - Bass / 4-10 cabinet / 1 monitor

Mike - Hammond B3 One Leslie Cabinet / 1 monitor