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Jimi Vincent Band Discography

The latest Jimi Vincent Band CD,  "Been There, Done That.... Won't Do That Again" is available by contacting us at either of the addresses below, or it can be downloaded on our "download music" page.   The CD has seven new original songs plus five cover tunes.  We tried to catch the some of the vibe of our live shows on this disc. 

If you would like to purchase this or any of the other CD's listed below, please contact the band via email for more ordering information.




In 1996, Jimi Vincent hooked up with Jack Clement, the engineer at SUN Studios in Memphis who wrote and produced many albums for Johnny Cash, Charlie Pride and U2's legendary album "Rattle and Hum".  Jack invited the band to record their first album "HORSEPLAY" at his private studio in Nashville,TN.  Also featured on the Horseplay CD are the back-up singers and saxophone player from Reba McEntire's touring band.  The c.d. features 9 originals and 2 great covers. 

Night of the Stallion  

The band released their second disc, "Night Of The Stallion" in the summer of '04. It is a live recording that includes original music as well as classic rock songs.  In addition to the standard 4 musicians, this disc also features Ed Jonnet on alto and tenor saxophone.

Live At The Mohican Blues Festival

This is another live event recorded in front of thousands of blues fans in the beautiful Mohican Forest.  It was quite an electric performance as Jimi and the guys played their original material along with some Hendrix, Buffalo Springfield and other classic blues tunes.

The Z98 Session

The rock station Z98 invited the Jimi Vincent Band to perform live in their studio.  The only problem was that the studio was too small for everyone to fit.  The only solution was to set up in the hall and do an unplugged performance...acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and a small digital piano.  There are 9 songs along with interviews of the band.  The Z98 session turned out to be a lot of fun with some smoking performances.

The Sampler Disc

Jimi has put together a sampler disc with selections from all the previous CD's.  It includes both acoustic and electric live sessions.  There is also an extended studio recording of Bad News Woman not included on any other JVB CD, and three other songs not available on any other Jimi Vincent recording. The Sampler Disc is a good place to start if you don't know which CD to purchase.